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When you can’t be there, count on us.

When a family member is lonely or living with a progressive illness like dementia, it can be a challenging and painful time for all of you. You want to ensure that special person has a rich and happy life. But balancing your family, and career responsibilities with being there for your loved one can be daunting; especially if you don’t live close by. Our companions build meaningful connections with your loved one, supporting you and your family when you need it the most.

Making the Difference.

We understand that you can’t do it all, and we can help.  We specialize in companion care that supports you as well as the one you love. We are committed to a proactive and flexible approach to companionship that takes the needs and interests of  your loved one to heart and keeps you up to date on every visit. Think of us as a best friend you both can count on.


Our services are often referral based, which speaks to who we are. Our work with your loved one is designed to reflect their interests, and expand their world. Our companions are extensively trained and take pride in building a strong and caring relationship with their clients, to enrich their lives. Whether your loved one is at home, assisted living, long term care, or in hospital, we want to help. LEARN MORE.

Locally Owned

Based the Halifax area, Comforting Companions is never far away from the one you love. Yvette Gagnon and her team of kind, knowledgeable and sympathetic companions understand how important connection is to those living with chronic illness. Whether you are far away from your loved one or need to take a break , we’re there to step in. GET TO KNOW US.

Dementia Trained

Since founding Comforting Companions in 2015 Yvette Gagnon has been helping families who care for loved ones living with chronic illness, both at home and in care. A Certified Dementia Practitioner, she brings an extensive background and experience that helps families, care facilities and communities gain a better understanding of what its like to live with progressive brain change like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. LEARN MORE.

We are so very grateful for you, for Michelle and for Risa. Thank you for building Comforting Companions and for working with amazing people to make such an amazing service available for Dad and others.

Comforting Companions Client

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