Our Story

A Story that Continues

Comforting Companions has always been labor of love for Founder and Director Yvette Gagnon. When her brother moved into long-term care due to an unexpected and progressive illness, Yvette observed and experienced first-hand the deep emotional impact that continuing struggle had on families and their loved ones. She watched as  illness progressed and families worked tirelessly, not just to oversee the care of  their loved ones, but to also to make sure that they continued to have lives rich in friendship, activity, and love. Yvette launched Comforting Companions in 2015, to address those needs.

A Strong Background in Dementia Care

Yvette is a Dementia Trainer and a Certified Dementia Practitioner, who has studied Positive Approach to Care® (PAC) under Teepa Snow, one of the world’s leading educators in dementia. Yvette works to help families, care facilities and communities understand the huge challenges of living with a brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. She offers unique and hands-on Dementia training programs for families, businesses, service providers, community groups and organizations.

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Our Team

Yvette and her staff are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those living with progressive illnesses and the people who love them. Comforting Companions staff are hard working compassionate people dedicated to enhancing quality of life for you and your loved one. They want to know that their clients have a better day because they cared.

Team members are meticulously chosen and receive extensive dementia training. They undergo Canada-wide Criminal/Vulnerable Background checks and have current First Aid and CPR certificates. We have full confidence in their ability to make a meaningful connection with your loved one.

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“Both you and Risa are amazing woman, caring for these old and forgotten souls. Thank you for all that you both are doing every week for my mom. Love and big hugs.”

Comforting Companions Client

“I truly believe that your visits are instrumental in my mothers improvement in her cognitive abilities. It’s sad to think so many long-term care residents lead such sedentary lifestyles as a result of lack of stimulation of their senses.”

Comforting Companions Client

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